Tim Concannon runs maybe the world’s best film podcast, Music for Movies — so I’m honoured to have him contribute to The Late Show: The Late Movies Blogathon, even if I’m a day late linking to his piece, which deals with NUITS ROUGES, the last work of sepulchral overlord Georges Franju, a deeply crazy modernisation of Feuillade’s master-criminal/superhero oeuvre.

Enjoy in good health!


4 Responses to “Shadowmen!”

  1. Templar Knights figure most prominently in Raul Ruiz’s “L’Hypothese du Tableau Vole” (still available for viewing on You Tube I believe) in which Jean Reno makes his film debut as a Templar Knight ancestor of his.

  2. A movie admired by Welles. And the Templars were also mixed in with the backstory of the Maltese Falcon, weren’t they?

  3. Yes. The Black Bird was a totem of theirs

  4. Apparently we’re both wrong, it’s the lesser-known Knights Hospitaller that had the Maltese falcon tribute.

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