Well, I said a while back that I would republish Eric Ambler’s essay from The Penguin Film Review 9. But can you read it? If you click on the pics, or hit enlarge or embiggen or something? I hope so, because it’s quite amusing.

I’m afraid I’m too sleepy to copy it all out right now. Have you a magnifying glass?


Doesn’t work, does it? Even though I scanned it at high res and uploaded it to WordPress at that same res, the version you can see is tiny and when you enlarge it, it disintegrates into fuzzy pixel-stuff. Let me try something else…

Ah, this looks better!


Tackling it one page at a time should make it twice the size, you’d think, but it actually makes it FOUR times the size. And you can still enlarge it a bit more before it falls apart. Some bits are kind of blurry but I have faith in you.

Nearly there.


Those blurry bits do make you feel like you’re about to lose consciousness, don’t they?*

*New, improved versions of page 2 and 4 so that doesn’t happen.

5 Responses to “Amblin’”

  1. Mark Fuller Says:

    I have a run of these, great essays…..but the Austerity paper standards of the time means that they are only a decade or so away from crumbling into dust. I do hope someone somewhere has digitised them.

  2. Very amusing. When was this published? I am just wondering whether the “wife” he mentions is Joan Harrison. A fine producer in her own right and Hitchcock collaborator before her marriage to Ambler.

  3. It’s from 1949. But the wife is the producer’s wife, and the suggestion is she has no real role in the production and is just used by the producer to support anything he wants to argue.

    I might have one more shot at scanning these…

  4. I noticed that. I just found it amusing that he was married to a producer himself. After the fact, apparently. I think it wasn’t until the late 50s that he married JH.

  5. Maybe he became more sympathetic to producers around that time :)

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