Basely loosed on a story by…


  1. It’s quite possible that I’ll be doing these long after you’ve stopped being interested.
  2. There is a school of thought that says this has already happened.

Oh, hey, two weeks until supposed blogathon! I better announce it. Think about taking part, you guys.

8 Responses to “Basely loosed on a story by…”

  1. Mark Fuller Says:

    Well, the last three in particular have me crying with laughter, not normally a problem except that I’m in work and now can’t read the till screen properly….

  2. We aim to please!

  3. bensondonald Says:

    I’ve been throwing a lot of these images into my screen saver / background folder. They crop up at random between old advertising art, vintage pretty girls , and images of semi-antique toys (there was a time when a lucky kid might receive a Ben Hur playset, complete with chariots, desert tents, and slave market).

    Vaguely recall a couple of old cartoons that opened with something like this: “Once in a generation, there comes a motion picture destined to become one of the great classics of the screen … BUT THIS AIN’T IT!”

  4. Nobody seems to make vivid picturizations any more, darn it.

    From Faith Baldwin’s imdb credits:

    1933 – BEAUTY FOR SALE
    1955 – “CLIMAX!”

  5. She went out with a bang.

  6. I want a Ben Hur playset, damnit.

  7. bensondonald Says:

    Here’s an obsessive web page detailing exactly what was in it:
    Considering the expense and rarity, I’ve learned to be satisfied with proof such things existed.

  8. That manufacturer was really keen on purple.

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