I Like Mike

I don’t usually run lists on Shadowplay, but here are a few —

Mike Hodges Films I Love


I think these are all stone-cold masterpieces, worthy not only of enthusiastic perusal but STUDY. I’ve just been frame-grabbing GET CARTER, and it’s almost impossible to find an image in that one that isn’t bold and striking.

Mike Hodges Films I Admire


All really good stuff, and to another viewer they might belong on the first list.

Mike Hodges Films I’m Afraid to Watch


Maybe I’m afraid I’ll like them, or that I won’t like them. Anyroad, I’ve been putting them off a long time, which must mean something.

Oh, and of the TV work, “Dandelion Dead” is a stunner.

Another thing I don’t do much is commercials, though WordPress sticks some ads in. get an adblocker, is my advice to you. Your lives will become more restful and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re sabotaging the economy.

But this is an ad — you can buy Mike Hodges’ novellas here. So you should do so. During the years when the film industry has been disgracefully Hodges-free, he has not been idle. You CAN hear that voice again.

8 Responses to “I Like Mike”

  1. I saw MORONS FROM OUTER SPACE. I’m sure it can’t be as bad as I remember it being, but I daren’t watch it again to check from fear I’m mistaken.

  2. bensondonald Says:

    “Flash Gordon” is splendid eye candy (far beyond the clip above), but I got annoyed with it. Early on, there’s a way-too-broad comedy routine of Flash thinking he’s playing football and everybody joining in. That had me braced for a 60s Batman-style cheesefest (the screenwriter was in fact a frequent contributor to the TV series); as it played out there’d be a few more such moments that pushed it from crazed swashbuckling to an obnoxious insistence that the filmmakers were all too cool for this material.

  3. Lorenzo Semple would frequently overplay his hand, it’s true. But I can forgive him since he also gives us “Flash, I love you, but we only have 14 hours to save the Earth!”

    Mike’s favourite review of Morons was Jonathan Romney’s “Die before you see this film.”

  4. “No — Not the Bore-Worms!” is my second favorite line in the history of the cinema (my favorite being of course “Here come those tired old tits again from “Sunday Bloody Sunday”)

    I adore Ornella! She was the best thing in Schlondorff’s go at “Un Amour de Swan” Who wouldn’t be driven mad with passion for her?
    (And I say this as a Kinsey 6!)

  5. Oh, apparently it was genre enthusiast Kim Newman who gave the dire warning about Morons, not Romney.

    We asked Mike if the bore worms ever appeared in a draft of the script, but apparently not. They must be closely related to the post-whipping cats Deneuve is so afraid of in Belle de Jour. “Please don’t release the cats!”

  6. He’s a lovely, lovely man too. After I interviewed him he came to the pub and stayed the evening. And he’s a big supporter of small press crime fiction publishers. Did he tell you any of his Dino De Laurentiis stories from the Flash days? “Mike, why they laugh?”

  7. Yes, we’ve been over the Flash Gordon tales. Fiona reminded him of the lovely touch, that he’d forgotten, of Flash’s logo being printed on his catafalque. We also heard about his Edinburgh wanderings during his days as a merchant seaman.

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