Primitive Pleasures of Primitive Passions



The hyperbole of old movie trailers already make them sound like screaming maniacs. If you imagine anyone actually talking like that… like imagine you asked a friend what the movie he just saw was like, and he came out with this junk… Splice them together in themed groups like this and the hysterical repetition becomes totally psychotic. Nobody’s ever invented a system for injecting Thorazine into celluloid.

Modern advertising is more subtle, but incessant repetition is still one of its weapons.


6 Responses to “Primitive Pleasures of Primitive Passions”

  1. La Faustin Says:

    I wish there had been a way to include “… as nature intended”.

  2. My late friend Lawrie had a hand in Naked as Nature Intended. His story was that it was stuck at the lab as the makers didn’t have the money to finish it, so his company bought it for a song and released it.
    “We can’t do anything with THIS!” was his initial reaction.

  3. bensondonald Says:

    Nudies figure in a couple of “Carry Ons”. In “Carry On Camping”, one is shown at a funky little cinema I immediately figured would show “Carry On” films. In “Carry On At Your Convenience”, a guy takes a date to one in what plays like a parody of “Taxi Driver” (which was five years in the future).

  4. Ha! “Couples go to these movies, I see them all the time…”

    One thing that must have seemed scandalous about Peeping Tom is it admits the existence of the skin trade and its ties to the film biz, and it even features Pamela Green, star of NANT.

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