The Sunday Intertitle: Slap!

After yesterday’s rare two-gif post, I thought I’d like to follow up Aunt Delilah’s neon sign with this one from my all-time favourite movie, HE WHO GETS SLAPPED. It’s not an original idea, though — I’ve seen a gif of this somewhere before.

One of the many things I like in the film is the positively Langian connection between intertitle and image, so that three questions raised verbally can be answered with a single picture, as I discuss here and here. But director Victor Sjostrom (billed as Seastrom) also merges image with image to make the same point, as when a globe of the world dissolves into a circus ring, the disc of sawdust embracing the earth’s equator like a Saturnian cummerbund.



4 Responses to “The Sunday Intertitle: Slap!”

  1. Mark Sullivan Says:

    Shadowplay always displays very compelling imagery for its banner backgrounds, but the bunny on the car roof (or is it a taxi?) is the best ever! Breathtaking in its non sequitur dreamy strangeness.

    Will there be some reference to this frame at a later date, or have I missed something? -Must see this movie.

    (on a side note, I always wondered why an aerial photo of Mauritania is used on the borders, then one day it dawned on me that it is probably decaying nitrate.)

  2. Correct re nitrate.

    Harry the rabbit’s taxi ride is from Frank Tashlin’s The Geisha Boy, starring the recently deceased Jerry Lewis. Glad you like him. That is perhaps the only good bit in the film, but it’s a very, very good bit.

  3. Mark Sullivan Says:

    Thank you, David.

    Will have to see “The Geisha Boy” sometime, just for this bit!

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