Man in the Man in the Moon

At The Chiseler, a short but timely disquisition on George Melies’ film L’ECLIPSE DU SOLEIL ET PLEINE LUNE, over at The Chiseler. Contains smut.

2 Responses to “Man in the Man in the Moon”

  1. bensondonald Says:

    Somehow I’m thinking a female moon would have registered as more genuinely obscene to Melies’s audience. These guys are outrageously over the top, and it plays as more lunatic (heh) than dirty. A Follies girl as the moon paired with that sun would play as a dirty old man assaulting a maiden no matter how spirited her mugging. A comically plain old lady might work, but that might force the audience to imagine scenes as bad or worse than the two men. Two pretty faces in any gender configuration would be more overt sex than comedy, and a bit dull over that long stretch of film.

  2. Agree with all of that — it’s still remarkable that this version wound up being the safest iteration of the gag, and that Melies thought he could get away with it and did.

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