Sea Shells

WEEKEND AT DUNKIRK — at The Notebook. Thanks to William Bostock for suggesting it.


2 Responses to “Sea Shells”

  1. bensondonald Says:

    The very title “Weekend at Dunkirk” evokes “a s*** holiday”, or a cheesy little travelogue.

    Interesting take on WWII is “Foyle’s War”, a mystery series focused on the home front. On the one hand, it’s like the flip side of M*A*S*H: Instead of patching up boys so they can be shot at again, Foyle investigates deaths that are unacceptable because they aren’t clearly war casualties — a stabbing victim in the rubble of an air raid, for example — and various incidents highlighting basic human venality. Yes, some Nazi spies and black marketers get caught. But mostly domestic crooks, opportunists and traitors of various scales. Comparatively few Minivers on Foyle’s beat. There are moments of lecturing (from the workings of early radar to mass slaughter of housepets), but it was all news to me so I appreciated it.

  2. That sounds good — part of the decades of British TV I’ve avoided while pursuing older cinema.

    Verneuil’s other films seem worth exploring. Fear over the City is mindless thick-ear but Belmondo’s stunts are amazing. Ditto Le Casse. I’m interested to see his earlier ones, particularly Un Singe en Hiver (A Monkey in Winter — a good title, and a good Belmondo evocation).

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