Pre-code, or Pre-posterous?

It’s all go!

Head over to The Chiseler for a slightly baffled appreciating of the enervating, odd, frankly not very good but unique CAPTAIN APPLEJACK, from my main man Hobart Henley. I have to like him, because his name is Hobart Henley — he joins the select company of Lupu Pick, Urban Gad(about) and walking self-anagram Aldo Lado, who deserve auteur status by virtue of their names.


2 Responses to “Pre-code, or Pre-posterous?”

  1. Hobart and Henley both have regattas.

  2. That made me look him up, thinking he must have been a pseudonymous English stage thesp, but no, he was from Kentucky. The (German) family name was Henle.

    Should we now call him Regatta Regatta?

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