Steele Herself

A Barbara Steele selfie.

Apparently never-learning, I have co-authored another article on Miss Steele with Daniel Riccuito, although when told the piece was up at The Notebook I couldn’t remember contributing anything to it. What does Peter Weller say in NAKED LUNCH when presented with his book? “Truly I suspect some colossal con.” Or a small con, in this case.

But there it is in black and white — the synopsis of BLACK SUNDAY’s opening scene is mine, and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it. The rest of the piece, needless to say, is excellent, classic Riccuito delirium.


5 Responses to “Steele Herself”

  1. So your life is now the Gritty Reboot of “Face Club,” but instead of splicing dick shots into movies, the Brad Pitt version of DC co-writes Barbara Steele articles that the Ed Norton version of DC does not remember co-writing.

  2. FIGHT club. Doggone it. Barbara Steel turns my brain to macaroni salad every time.

  3. Holy cow, David E– that guy co-wrote Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster!

  4. Which — holy cow — I’d never heard of! But which I now realise is the source for a clip I saw on TV years ago, with the bald guy with dandruff and pointy ears saying “The lucky ones are dead…” Gotta see that!

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