The Invisibles

If you set out to make a film called THE INVISIBLE WOMAN, naturally you will end up with a lot of images of an empty set. Like this one.

Or these.

Abandoned movies. Lifeless sets, like Fritz Lang’s felicitous rooms, waiting for the events needed to bring them to narrative awakening.

HARVEY the pookah proves similarly camera-shy in this picture. And how are you today, Mr. Wilson?

From an invisible rabbit it’s a short jump to an invisible man and Abbot —

The comics are off arguing somewhere, while Vincent Price poses nude on the rug, secure in the fact that he cannot be photographed in his present condition. The Hays Office would never stand for it.

A friend only just worked out which was Abbot and which Costello. I sympathise — as a child it was obvious to me that “Bud Abbot” was a short fat guy’s name.


8 Responses to “The Invisibles”

  1. bensondonald Says:

    Vince lent his voice to the final shot of A&C MEET FRANKENSTEIN. A&C MEET THE INVISIBLE MAN didn’t have price at all, but there’s a framed photo of Claude Rains on the wall when somebody mentions the creator of the formula.

    My Universal B fantasy: A&C MEET SHERLOCK HOLMES. Rathbone had walked away from the character, but Nigel Bruce was soldiering on with Tom Conway on radio. Just as with the other A&C riffs on old Universal franchises, you’d have the comedians cavorting on the same sets with the same contract players as the originals (with the lone substitution of Conroy or perhaps Carradine for Rathbone). Lots of Bruce confusing Costello with British slang; vamps and villains mistaking A&C for Holmes & Watson. Payoff gag: A&C on ocean liner for home. A body is found. An unnamed Hawaiian detective played by Sidney Toler requests their assistance, and they decide to swim the rest of the way.

  2. I figured Price probably had some invisibility left so he could hang out on set and screw with people.

    Sidney Toler guest appearance only permissable if he plays the corpse.

    I guess A&C Meet Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde gives you the closest thing to a Holmes parody…

  3. The Ghost of the Invisible Woman in the Visible Bikini?

  4. The Invisible Ghost of the Invisible Woman in the Indivisible Bikini?

  5. bensondonald Says:

    I did a limerick on the Invisible Bikini, on the disappointment of young male viewers. Don’t think it ever ran.

  6. It will! Hilary stores all these things somewhere…

  7. Yes, in my invisible limerick folder. I open it every once in a while and scare myself.

  8. Donald, I found it. It will be included in of our October long countdown to Halloween.

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