8 Responses to “Beware!”

  1. This is the best yet and I hope cinemas borrow it to run before features.

  2. Thanks! I have more good ones lined up for the coming weeks!

  3. bensondonald Says:

    “Frosty the Poodle” is Jill St. John’s familiar in “The Lost World”, a very, VERY Irwin Allen scifi epic.It’s an A film with the heart and soul (and intellect) of a kiddie matinee.

    Fun, but admittedly not in a class with the “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” The Van Allen Radiation Belt is on fire! Chunks of glacial ice sink! And THIS: (Note: In the movie this accompanies the opening credits, culminating in the submarine breaching the water like a whale.)

  4. That damn duck in Journey to the Centre of the Earth had a lot to answer for. Led directly to the pointless chicken in City Under the Sea, too. That chicken derails the whole movie.

  5. bensondonald Says:

    Journey was an answer to Disney’s 20,000 Leagues, which gave Captain Nemo a pet seal. But Nemo wasn’t as emotionally vested, although he might have been if anybody ate the seal.

    Five Weeks in a Balloon had a chimp for Richard Haydn to play against. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea gave Peter Lorre an onboard shark (Lorre was a good-guy scientist; his shark ate evil Joan Fontaine).

    In 1974, Disney’s Island at the Top of the World had a resident poodle on the French-built zeppelin. It didn’t restart the fad.

  6. I saw Island at the Top of the World, aged seven, when it came out. I don’t remember the poodle. I remember thinking that outrunning lava was a very exciting thing. Years later I saw a bit on TV and was appalled at the matte work.

  7. bensondonald Says:

    Island at the Top of the World is a frustrating misfire, because the central idea and the zeppelin are so cool. If the movie had been a hit, Disneyland would have gotten a new proto-steampunk area called Discovery Bay, built around a zeppelin-themed ride.

    In Search of the Castaways also has some weak effects — most notably comic natives scrambling up a rope with blatant wire assist. But in that one you excuse a lot because it’s almost proudly artificial with endless matte paintings, soundstage exteriors, and a giddy script that takes them halfway around the world by mistake. That wrong turn takes them to Andes for an avalanche, an iceberg ride, a giant condor attack, a flash floor and camping in a tree with a jaguar. Then, finally, they go the right way for angry Polynesians, lava (again), gunrunners, and George Sanders. And Maurice Chevalier sings “Enjoy It”.

  8. I would watch IATTOTW again out of curiosity as it is an earl movie memory, except that the memory has now been kind of erased by seeing part of it on TV.

    I think ISOTC is the one where props guy to the stars Eddie Fowlie was supposedly sent home after knifing another crewmember in a dispute over Hayley Mills..

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