As Promised

I’ve started writing up some of my Bolognese viewings — first up, for The Forgotten, two key films by James Whale, hitherto unseeable.

Here you go.

5 Responses to “As Promised”

  1. bensondonald Says:

    “By Candlelight” became an ill-starred Cole Porter musical. Never saw but have the CD of the 1991 version; at least the songs are fun:

    The Wikipedia entry ends with this maddeningly incomplete note:
    “Libby Holman had a strong rivalry with the tempestuous Mexican actress Lupe Vélez. Vélez hit Holman in the face once. On another occasion, Velez urinated outside the dressing room of Holman. When Holman left the dressing room, slipped and fell on the piss. Both women staged other scandalous events in the theater.”

  2. I’m seeing Susan Sarandon as Lupe Velez & Jessica Lange as Libby Holman. Alfred Molina or Stanley Tucci as Cole Porter. John Waters repeats as William Castle, to justify the use of Piss-O-Vision.

  3. And Olivia De Havilland sues, just because she can.

  4. One note on the trial in THE ROAD BACK. At the recent screening I attended a friend said that there were no jury trials in Germany in that era.

    And I’m happy to report that Paul Lukas acquitted himself well in Dorothy Arzner’s WORKING GIRLS (1931). He didn’t have to carry the lighter moments, but he certainly didn’t leaden them.

  5. I like Lukas, I even like him in By Candelight, but he’s not right for it. Now, Deadline at Dawn, on the other hand…

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