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Ace Up My Sleeve

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Only disappointed I didn’t quote in full the lyrics from the airman’s song about being in a wreck and having various machine parts embedded in his body — like if THE FLY, CRASH or TETSUO were a musical… The film is ACE OF ACES and it gives me another chance to bang on about John Monk Saunders, over at The Notebook.

Sibling Revelry

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SIBLING REVELRY intro from David Cairns on Vimeo.

Extract from one of my Marx Bros pieces, with the kind permission of Arrow Academy. I was very pleased with this opening. Credit to Stephen C. Horne for cutting it together so nicely and for his lovely main title, which you just get a glimpse of before my clunky file-trimming programme hacks it off…

Still haven’t got a name for Manfred, the Marx Bro who was never part of the act. Stiffo doesn’t seem quite in the best taste.

I’ve now watched and read all the other extras on the box set — some fine essays and a great doc there!

More Marxian news soon! Well, I’ll mention it now — I have a little piece in the new Sight & Sound