The Floor Marx Brothers

As you know by now, whenever a new box set arrives to which I have contributed, I spread it out on a flat surface and take a photo of it. This one is Arrow Academy’s The 4 Marx Brothers at Paramount, comprising THE COCOANUTS, ANIMAL CRACKERS, MONKEY BUSINESS, HORSE FEATHERS and DUCK SOUP, plus a booklet with essays by Robert S. Bader, Pamela Hutchinson (yay!), Christina Newland, Kevin Jackson, Michael Brooke and Vic Pratt. All of the films have commentaries plus there are rare archival interviews with brothers and sons of brothers… and the feature-length doc, THE MARX BROTHERS: HOLLYWOOD’S KINGS OF CHAOS.

Where do I come into it? Arrow asked me to make a half hour video essay. Stephen C. Horne and I instead made TWO, totalling over 45 mins. Just couldn’t help it. The first, SIBLING REVELRY, profiles the brothers, while the second, MONKEYNUTCRACKERDUCKFEATHERS, deals with the movies. Steve Stoliar, Groucho’s secretary and author of Raised Eyebrows, My Years Inside Groucho’s House, generously gave me an interview which is interspersed throughout both pieces.

Looks like I may be doing quite a bit of work for Arrow — collect ’em all!

You can order this set here:
The 4 Marx Brothers At Paramount 1929 – 1933 [Blu-ray]


3 Responses to “The Floor Marx Brothers”

  1. Yay yourself! Lovely innit. Will reward myself with your video essays when I am done working today.

  2. “Well lodge with my fleas in the hills!”

  3. “And never darken my towels again!”

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