The Nation Fails to Decide

A woman on the news just this second (I’m typing this LIVE at 10.58 am) said “demockery” when she meant “democracy” which was fun.

Elections usually leave me pissed off with the British people — what does it TAKE to make them decide to get rid of the Tories? But this one offers some comfort. Anything that weakens T. May has to be good. If the result is chaos, that might be nice, preferable to her version of “strong and stable.” The comparative success of Corbyn at the polls could be an argument in favour of offering an actual vision of the country’s future that isn’t a monochrome dystopia, or it could be an argument in favour of treating the electorate like adults instead of this Tory baby-talk (“Brexit means Brexit,” “It’s a red, white and blue Brexit”). If either became more common practice, I would view that as good.


5 Responses to “The Nation Fails to Decide”

  1. I have to say that British politics is in a pretty interesting time, for better and worse. Probably the first time in ages it received this much global attention.

  2. Colin M Says:

    And the goat shall give suck to the tiny bee.

  3. It’s the first time in ages we’ve had anything resembling a choice. Corbyn is what’s making it exciting — it would even be interesting if May’s successor tries to offer an inspirational vision for the right wing. Scary, but interesting. But that seems a way off just yet.

    If another election is triggered, it’s entirely possible that Labour could win now that people have a sense of them not being a joke anymore.

  4. apparently Jezza is polling 6 points ahead now of the Tories – so there!

  5. Heady times!

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