World of Weariness

At The Chiseler. An article celebrating Jean Dixon, also Ruth Donnelly, also the whole phenomenon of wisecracking dames blessed with omniscient cynicism rather than glamour.

4 Responses to “World of Weariness”

  1. Great piece!

  2. bensondonald Says:

    Joan Blondell and Glenda Farrell gradually evolved from firecrackers to wised-up ladies. Eve Arden was born wised-up, albeit more upper-class.

    In “One Touch of Venus” Arden’s the acidic secretary who secretly pines for her playboy boss. Pressed to admit her real feelings, she says, “He reminds me of a dog I had.” We’re primed for a poignant, romantic confession, and she actually delivers it as such. Saw it with a live audience, and that line killed.

  3. Beautiful! IMDb claims that movie had some uncredited directorial input from Greg La Cava — and that line reminds me very much of My Man Godfrey and Jean Dixon.

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