Park Circus, the big Scottish-based distributor, got in touch out of the blue and invited me to introduce Nicholas Pesce’s debut horror movie, the strange, beautiful and DEEPLY disturbing THE EYES OF MY MOTHER. So Edinburgh-type people can see me at Filmhouse at 8.45 this evening doing just that. I will be available afterwards to provide care and counselling.

Subjects to be addressed:

The eyeball as extrusion.

The morbid fear of cows (bovinophobia).

Making the worst thing you can think of even worse.

The imagination, your deadly enemy.


5 Responses to “Intro”

  1. Good topics. This is the sort of movie that is almost too effective in certain respects, and, despite its beauty, I literally can’t even recommend it to anyone. But I’m on board for what Pesce does next (which is an adaptation of the Ryu Murakami novel Piercing, currently in post).

  2. You capture my own feelings perfectly — it was nice to see a number of the audience afterwards and learn they were glad to have seen it. But I couldn’t think of anyone I’d actually urge to experience it, for fear of them being mad at me for putting them through such an experience!

    I’ll try to write up my intro more thoroughly later…

  3. Just streamed this on Netflix. Not only do I not know anyone I could recommend this to, I don’t think I WANT to know anyone I could recommend this to. But yes, whatever he does next, I’m in.

  4. His music videos for Tei Shi — “Bassically” (sic) and Nevermind the End” are quite nice — his cinematographer is certainly a huge talent too.

  5. All kinds of intersting carryover from the videos, including the guy who plays The Father (also in “Never Mind the End,” probably in the same underwear) and some Tei Shi-esque dance moves from Kika Magalhães. This feels like we got an oeuvre happening here.

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