A couple of mugs

Continuing our exploration of Oliver Hardy’s criminal career.

From BONNIE SCOTLAND (1935), which alas isn’t too good. The anti-talents at MGM doing their best to destroy a winning formula.

But I like how Stan is doing his Sad Face in the frontal shot and his Happy Face in profile. A man of mercurial moods.

“You can see I wasn’t feeling very good,” begins Stan in explanation, “You see, my left -” but then he is interrupted, leaving us to wonder always.

3 Responses to “A couple of mugs”

  1. Stephen C.H. Says:

    The clean-up dance sequence is fab though!

  2. bensondonald Says:

    Ollie and his henchman were not criminal masterminds. They might attempt housebreaking to help out a cop or retrieve a stolen document. And once they aspired to bootlegging, but were arrested while taking pre-orders. I suspect Hardy’s rap sheet was mainly vagrancy and possibly some incidents of property damage.

    This, BEAU HUNKS and FLYING DEUCES all sort of blurred in my memory as one colonial epic. BS and BH were among the Roach films sliced into ersatz shorts for television syndication in my youth, contributing to the fuzziness.

    It’s almost false advertising that BS abandons its title locale after a few reels.

  3. False economy, too!

    Any time the boys dance, it’s good. I suspect here it happened for bad reasons — the script simply never gives them any interesting tasks to bungle, so they’re forced to decorate. But it’s a welcome relief from the two plotlines (“romantic” and comic) which scarcely connect, and the derivative stuff — India is just Beau Hunks all over again, while the inheritance plot is a fumbled version of Way Out West.

    You’d think, given the title, James Finlayson would be given something to do!

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