Cary: a tune

Cary Can’t Carry a Tune from David Cairns on Vimeo.

This nameless horror is from KISS AND MAKE-UP (the pun on cosmetics isn’t really a winner: try saying it out loud). So far as I’m aware, Cary Grant was never called upon to serve as any kind of song delivery mechanism in any other movie in the following thirty-two years of his career, and this is why.

Possibly you may find this proof that Cary wasn’t 100% perfect and godlike in every way reassuring, in which case suffering through his “recital” will do you some good. Otherwise, you may prefer to simply mute the audio, gaze at his image, and attempt to sharpen a pencil in your ear, which will give you much the same effect but to a lesser extent.

9 Responses to “Cary: a tune”

  1. Douglas Noble reminds me that Cary didn’t give up that easily:

  2. And THIS, via Adrian Garvey:

    The man was incorrigible!

  3. And, via Nicky Smith, Cary’s recording career is illuminated:
    Warning: festive!

  4. Anne Richardson offers this lovely scene, where Hawks finds a way to cope with Cary’s musical gifts.

    Seems I was wrong: Cary did nothing BUT sing!

  5. Funniest moment in that clip from ONLY ANGELS is when Jean Arthur looks is Grant’s mouth when he’s yelling “Peanuts!” Wonderful.

  6. I’m used to seeing Helen Mack die on celluloid, but now I find her being tortured as well?

  7. I wish he’d done a duet with Jimmy Stewart’s falsetto.

  8. Bring in Harlow and you’d have two-thirds of At Long Last Love avant la lettre!

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