Keep on Trucking


The limitless traveling shots of Eril Charell are front and centre in this fortnight’s edition of The Forgotten, over at The Notebook. Can’t believe it took me this long to find his work, and now I can’t believe there isn’t any more of it to see…

4 Responses to “Keep on Trucking”

  1. The Nazis apparently hated the late-Weimar comic operetta films, so that’s a good reason to unforget them.

    But as a Connie Consultant, I must make a correction: he plays Metternich, not Talleyrand, in Congress Dances. I’m assuming those were different guys.

  2. Yes, I think they were and you’re right! Oops.

  3. His film work may be impressive, but his stage work is even more so. The incredibly (but to me inexpliclaby) popular Im Weissen Rossl gets regularly revived all over Germany, played for a year in London (at the Colosseum, no less, selling out twice a day) and was even revived around 39/40 for a while. It’s also been filmed a number of times, most recently just five years ago in 2013. If you feel you have to watch one, then the 30s version with Theo Lingen is the one to go for. Personally I avoid the Heesters one on principle.

    But topping that in reputation is his attempt in New York in 1939 to stage a jazz version of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, set in 1890s New Orleans. The cast included Louis Armstrong, Maxine Sullivan and Dorothy Dandridge, there were three pit bands, one led by Benny Goodman, choreography was by Agnes de Mille, and the set designs were based on cartoons by Walt Disney. Which all together created one of the most inexplicable flops in Broadway history.

  4. ! That sounds like one of those theatre productions time travel will have to be invented for. Maybe we can turn it into a hit, and destroy the space-time continuum at the same time.

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