I wrote the liner essay for Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s A LETTER TO THREE WIVES for Masters of Cinema’s dual-format edition of same. Then I forgot to get my complimentary copy. Now I have it!

You can too: A Letter to Three Wives (1949) [Masters of Cinema] Dual Format (DVD & Blu-ray)

Happy Valentines!

8 Responses to “Bookletter”

  1. A favorite of Gore Vidal’s, Mankiewicz’s little masterpiece perfectly reflects postwar disenchantment with suburbia — the prize everyone was supposedly fighting for. See also Leonard Bernstein’s “Trouble in Tahiti” and the novels of John Cheever.

  2. But Mankiewicz is careful to provide happy endings all round. But with acerbic asides on class, culture, the media — *radio* takes a particular drubbing!

  3. I’d put quotes around “happy” There’s a lot of lingering dissatisfaction — save for Porter and Laura Mae who have no illusions.

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