Bedways is Bestways Now

Le grand amour: Anatomy of a Gag from Criterion Collection on Vimeo.

Over at Criterion, I have a new video essay up. Made this one with Stephen Horne and it officially turns our Jacques Tati “Anatomy of a Gag” piece into the first of a series. Watch out for new episodes soon!


2 Responses to “Bedways is Bestways Now”

  1. I picked up the Criterion box when it came out; enjoyed them all. Just read that he died last year; nice that he had such a full career with the early features coming back as sort of a dessert.

    Recalling an interview moment where he recalls “Land of Milk and Honey”, having intended it (and still seeing it) not as an indictment or expose but as a laugh riot. A neat flip on the cliche of the overly serious artist who intends tears or outrage, but gets laughs.

  2. I must say, Land of Milk and Honey FEELS quite angry and uncomfortable. Maybe the French didn’t like to see that image of themselves… I probably wouldn’t like it either! Elsewhere, especially in As Long as You’re Healthy, Etaix manages to be very critical and satirical while still entertaining us and maintaing a sweetness that’s his defining quality.

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