Like being nuzzled by a tenement


Out of the blue, a relative of my late friend Lawrie Knight got in touch to offer me some photographs of the Great Man. Here’s Lawrie in Africa, engaged in some documentary or other. His cameraman, he told me, had a habit of wading into a (possibly crocodile-infested) lake in the middle of the plains and yelling out to the reverberant open space, “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!”

He also said that befriending an elephant was like being nuzzled by a tenement.

Sadly, Lawrie’s collection of movie stills, including unique behind-the-scenes shots from BLACK NARCISSUS, are still missing.

4 Responses to “Like being nuzzled by a tenement”

  1. oh dear thats a shame about the Black Narcissus ones.. though the elephants are very fine…

  2. I think I’m going to have one last attempt at tracing the movie ones…

  3. Lawrie was a great support to my late father, Stewart Dunlop, after his own father died in the mid-50s when my dad was in his teens. Lawrie assisted my grandmother in raising her son. Later, after my dad married, he took me and my brother to visit him in Edinburgh. (My aunt is still alive and confirms this). How fascinating your stories are; thanks for sharing – without Lawrie, I may never have been born.

  4. Thanks for getting in touch! So nice to hear of Lawrie’s good works! He was a sweet man as well as an old rascal! He preferred to boast about the latter side of his nature!

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