All Wet


The first edition of The Forgotten for 2017. I don’t even know if this one should qualify as “forgotten” but as MGM musicals go it’s a lot less well-known than ON THE TOWN. What are you gonna do? — we’ve been watching Esther Williams movies to make Fiona feel happier. It’s working!

Get Happy also!


2 Responses to “All Wet”

  1. 1955 was a pivotal year in Hollywood history. The studio system was on its last legs. Specialty-type stars like Esther couldn’t get the support from either the studios or the public that they had enjoyed in the past. One of my favorite movies from that year “It’s Always Fair Weather” opened citywide in New York rather than at Radio City Music Hall. The handwriting was on the wall

  2. In her excellent autobio, Esther reports than she KNEW this film could never earn its money back, because George Sidney, drunk on power, was keeping thousands of extras around while he endlessly rehearsed business that could have been knocked out in one take. It sounds believable.
    The film took $1.5 mill and lost $2.5 — and Esther was MGM’s biggest moneymaker EVER.

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