Vista Visions


You can read more about Criterion’s ONE-EYED JACKS here.

And Criterion have uploaded a clip from my video essay —

ONE-EYED JACKS – An Excerpt from Video Essay “I Ain’t Hung Yet” from Criterion Collection on Vimeo.

Next up, more pieces for Criterion’s online outlets, The Current and Filmstruck. If you’re a Filmstruck patron you should already be able to access a piece Stephen Horne and I made about the late, great Pierre Etaix. More on him soon!

12 Responses to “Vista Visions”

  1. As far as I know this is the only Western in which the seashore appears.

  2. The late, great and much-missed Taylor Mead cited “One-Eyed Jacks” as Brando’s campiest performance. I thoroughly agree. He’s first seen lolling on the counter of a bank he’s in the process of robbing, casually eating a banana.

  3. And he throws the banana peel into the scales of Justice, a little statuette positioned specially for this pseudo-symbolic gesture…

  4. That’s fascinating about the seashore… I can’t prove you wrong off the top of my head. A subplot of Once Upon a Time in the West involves Gabriele Ferzetti’s railroad tycoon failing to make it to the ocean: he dies seeing a kind of mirage of the Pacific, but in reality it’s just a little trickle in the dirt.

  5. Great video piece. Interesting how indebted ‘Unforgiven’ is to the film. And Pina Pellicer’s performance is heartbreaking..

  6. Thanks! Try and get a copy of Macario for another great PP performance.

  7. Is it fair to say that if you hand in a final cut that’s five hours long you haven’t really directed a film yet?

  8. It might be a really good five hour film — but it would be fair to say you are naive about what you can get away with in Hollywood, or you are giving up on the job and inviting someone else to sort it out… the latter seems likelier here — Brando was exhausted from the shoot, and cut the film on weekends while acting in another movie….

  9. Re: Seashores in Westerns…I remember being startled to see the rocky cliffs of California’s coast used in an episode of Wanted: Dead or Alive called “Barney’s Bounty”. Steve McQueen and Noah Beery chase down a couple horse thieves on the beach.

  10. I have not yet seen the film but I am very intrigued to watch it even more after seeing your video. “The innocence of the Western was corrupted” – very bold statement, and I can’t wait to watch to see why!

  11. Thanks! Hope you enjoy the film, and all the extras!

  12. Seashores in TV Westerns: Just watched a Have Gun Will Travel with the California rocky cliffs and beach. Perhaps it was not so rare on television.

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