Retail Opportunities

Two arrivals which harken back to The Late Show —


Andrzej Zulawski’s last film, COSMOS, from Kino.


Marlon Brando’s first and last film as director, ONE-EYED JACKS, from Criterion.

Assisted by the intrepid Stephen Horne, editor, I made video essays for both discs.

Coffee optional.

10 Responses to “Retail Opportunities”

  1. I can’t tell if that amber smear on the handle of the coffee spoon is part of the design or a grubby thumb print, but it makes the shot.

  2. Didn’t Amber Smear act in exploitation and porn films in the eighties?

  3. I think this particular A.S. is a droplet of coffee. Though I don’t remember it being there.

  4. Michael Wells Says:

    I went to a screening of COSMOS in February expecting a Zulawski Q&A only to learn he’d died a couple days earlier. “Jesus, what a year it’s been so far,” I thought. I was so naive back then.

  5. We’ve all passed a lot of water since then, as Mr. Goldwyn is always saying.

  6. I bought the Criterion One-Eyed Jacks as a Christmas present for my Dad, since he had fond memories of seeing it on the big screen. It was my first time with the film, and I was extremely impressed…and saddened that Brando never directed another film. A very strong debut, with far more visual sensitivity than expected. I watched your visual essay as well and found it hugely informative—perfect for anyone teaching the film in the classroom and wanting clue students in to Brando’s directorial style.
    As for Cosmos, I’ve read Gombrowicz’s novel so I’ll be buying that one too!

  7. Maybe for some the density of Gombrowicz and the added density of Zulawski will prove too much, but I found it an intriguing watch.

    Glad you liked “I Ain’t Hung Yet” — it’s a shame that Brando quite directing, but it’s hard to imagine another studio giving him a crack at it, especially after his rumoured behaviour on Mutiny on the Bounty earned him a reputation for indulgence.

  8. Rented ONE EYED JACKS last month and found it amazing. And really enjoyed your video essay on the film. A local theater is showing it in 4K in March. Can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

  9. Thanks! Toby Roan’s piece on the film’s production, A Million Feet of Film is incredibly informative — wish I’d had it as research material when making my own video!

    Also, I wish I had his voice!

  10. Would any other actors put up with Brando directing them?
    Still, Marlon Brando, starring Marlon Brando (and no-one else), directed by…, filmed by…, music by… would still probably be worth seeing.

    I saw Cosmos in the cinema and was disappointed, but I admire Zulawski enough to think it was more likely me than him to blame.

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