All your Christmases


MADE FOR EACH OTHER, John Cromwell, 1939.


THE GODDESS, John Cromwell, 1957.

6 Responses to “All your Christmases”

  1. OFF-TOPIC: Carrie Fisher has died and I am overwhelmed. She was tons more than “Star Wars” She was the greatest wit to hit Hollywood since Oscar Levant. And like him we shall hot see her like again

  2. What Mr Ehrenstein said. Exactly.

  3. She seemed like a lovely person. and anybody in a public position who openly discusses their mental health issues reduces the stigma and helps other. A positive person in her impact on the world, as well as a unique talent.

  4. I love the Oscar Levant comparison. Adore both of them.

  5. And Good-Night, Debbie Reynolds. They haven’t invented emoticons sufficiently grief-stricken for this.

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