By coincidence…


…my copy of FEDORA arrived just as this “blogathon” was getting underway. I have contributed a text essay to this edition, sharing covers with the redoubtable Neil Sinyard, who I first encountered via his excellent Richard Lester book, and who I was finally introduced to (over the internet) by Lester himself.

The film itself may not be one of Billy Wilder’s more successful, but finally seeing it in widescreen allows us to appreciate its visual beauty, and it does have a last line to rank with SUNSET BLVD, SOME LIKE IT HOT and THE APARTMENT (Wilder scores very highly on the “famous last words” front). Wilder fans need this.

Of course it’s a late film but not a last one. But for all its faults, it’s the note I would have preferred Wilder to go out on, rather than carrying on to do one last movie that’s kind of his worst. But for a different view from a different Wilder, check out this post from two years back, a rare defense of the one-would-have-thought indefensible BUDDY, BUDDY.

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