My Westworld Theories


Alright, so we know something’s going on in this show, albeit very slowly. But what? Here are my theories.

  1. The show is actually set in the wild west, for real. Some very smart fellow in post-Civil War Utah has invented robots early. Naturally, he’s used them to create a theme park representing life in the future, as a cowboy scientist of the nineteenth century might imagine it: all gleaming white walls (in reality, our futuristic walls are magnolia and dusty). To make Futureworld seem convincing, he needed to include leisure activities, so he added Westworld, using his home town to represent the theme park within the theme park. Also, everyone’s been dead all along.
  2. The show is actually set in the far future. A nuclear war instigated by our current president-elect has sent humanity back to the wild west age. Time travelers from the present have arrived, and mistaken this environment for a wild west theme park. They run around gleefully shooting everyone like idiots, believe they’re only robots. They set up a big glass hospital to repair the slain “robots” every night, not realizing it’s their own descendents they’re murdering and robotizing. Also, it’s all a dream.
  3. The show is actually set in the present. A well-heeled cable company decided to create a show set in the future in a theme park simulating the wild west with robots. They hire actors to play both robots and humans, build sets, and have “scenarios” prepared by writers. The while thing goes out on TV and nobody suspects that the TV show is actually a cunning construct, based on an old movie. Anthony Hopkins has been dead for years.
  4. It’s set in Romanworld but the robots all revolted years ago and decided to play at being cowboys (hence the big orgy, clearly out of place in its setting).
  5. Everyone’s been dead all along. They’ve been hooked up to a computer that programmes their corpse-brains with a simulation/dream, which is better than going to heaven (no cowboy sex in heaven). It was supposed to be Medievalworld (hence all the heads on spikes, clearly out of place in their setting) but a computer glitch sent them forward into the old west. The staff aren’t part of the simulation, they really are robots, but they think they’re dead.

I guess that clears it up. Maybe now there’ll be some peace around here.


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