The Sunday Intertitle: The Judex Files: The Liquorice File


Episode Six of JUDEX is a little less action-packed than the hectic onslaught of revelations in Five, but only slightly.

Scheming vamp Diana Monti, bounteously embodied by Musidora, recruits the services of honest private eye Cocantin (the beaky MArcel Levesque). She also recruits a new sidekick, an unworthy marquis. Their object is to rescue Favraux, the crooked banker, from his captor Judex, and they reason that kidnapping the kid’s grandson, le petite Jean,  will bring Judex to the rescue. In what seems like a really uninspired set-up for a flat-sharing sitcom, the little Favraux tot is housed with the P.I. while they await the caped crusader’s intervention.


Since Cocantin is a lovely chap really, he is soon overcome with paternal warmth (but wait, isn’t he also a child abductor?). Meanwhile Judex sends in his brother Robert, the boy wonder, and the Liquorice Kid to stage a daring rescue. It’s an episode for sidekicks, apparently.


This rescue is not exactly high-tech — little Jean jumps off a balcony and the Judex Bros catch him in a blanket. The Liquorice Kid is then left in his captors’ hands, which seems like a lousy plan, but Cocantin, that fickle father, feels even more paternal towards his new waif hostage than he did for Jean. Problem solved.


The passionate, seemingly romantic friendship between the two little boys continues to be eyebrow-raising, though it may have something to do with the fact that Jean is played by Olinda Mano, a girl.

Robert proves himself as dashing a hero as Judex by returning Jean to his mother four seconds after she’s read about him being kidnapped.


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