A Great Dame with a Great Dane


I didn’t want to follow my Forgotten on THE BURGLAR with one on SCREAMING MIMI. but I hadn’t watched anything else suitable, so SCREAMING MIMI is proved to be. And an interesting object to talk about, at that. Anita Ekberg stars, Gerd Oswald directs.


5 Responses to “A Great Dame with a Great Dane”

  1. Love Gypsy in “Wind Across the Everglades”

  2. I also love what she told her son Erik when he found out his father was Otto Preminger. Why hadn’t she told him he asked? “Because it’s none of your business!” she replied.

    Erik went on to work for Dad as an a.d. on “Skidoo.”

  3. Erik is the one who proposed Harry Nilsson for the score, which is the best part of that film maudit, I think.

  4. Don’t get me started on “Skidoo.” I utterly adore it.

  5. chris schneider Says:

    That wasn’t the cop’s boss, in SCREAMING MIMI, it was his acting coach.

    The xylophone player, Red Norvo, should be named. An institution, if you’ll forgive the expression, unto himself.

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