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The Judex Files: Artificial Desperation

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In episode four of JUDEX, villainous Diana Monti (Musidora) and Morales, her thoroughly whipped sidekick, indulge in a bit of grave-robbery. But wait! Does it count if the grave is in fact empty? That’s not even an exhumation, is it? It’s basically just digging. The worst you could charge them with is wrongful digging.

So now the bad guys know that rotten banker Favraux is most likely alive and they deduce he’s in the hands of the mysterious Judex who’s been thwarting them so assiduously. But they also assume that Judex is really the detective Cocantin ~


They are quite, quite wrong.

Then they launch into their most elaborate kidnap scheme yet — like Wile E. Coyote, they seem to assume that when simple plans fail, the answer must be to move on to schemes of Rube Goldbergian complexity. This time they’re going to start by murdering their target, the banker’s daughter, in the hopes that she will be rescued but become ill, so that they can send a fake ambulance to collect her. I assume that’s the plan: the alternative would be that they change their minds about abducting her, decide to murder her, and when that fails, return to their first love, kidnap. I prefer silly plot #1 to silly plot #2.


I do love seeing Monti & Morales in their “lair” — so cosy!

Quite emotional stuff as the poor woman is rescued and resuscitated by the tots, and the heroic Licorice Kid prevents his playmate from realising that the stricken woman is his own mum.