Looky Looky Looky


Over at The Chiseler, a piece. Follow-up thoughts to “The Look,” essentially.

Here is an accompanying vid for added value.

2 Responses to “Looky Looky Looky”

  1. Find myself thinking about breaking the fourth wall in cartoons. Don’t know if Chuck Jones invented the “sideways glance at the camera with an expression of cool disgust” reaction shot (Daffy Duck when Elmer Fudd blasts him instead of Bugs, for example), but he certainly deployed it memorably and it became an imitated cliche.

  2. When in doubt, I usually assume the invention of a technique or gag will predate the finest examples of it, so I suspect Jones did not invent it but he certainly used it memorably. Bugs also had a way of glancing at us that expressed his superiority to an opponent and enlisted us in that attitude.

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