In the UK, we say “burgled.” I imagine that sounds as comical in the US as “burglarized” does in the UK. We need a word we can take seriously for this nasty crime. Let’s switch to “housebreaking,” at least it isn’t tittersome.

THE BURGLAR is a nifty, punchy (see above) noir from director Paul Wendkos and author David Goodis, and as the Forgotten returns after a few weeks off, what could be more suitable than a nifty, punchy (see above) noir? Now read on.


6 Responses to “Burglarized”

  1. “Burgled” is, or at least WAS, common parlance here.

  2. But “burglarized” never caught on here.

  3. Are you serious – about being, as it were, unfamiliar with Gidget ? Then you’re too young. Harrumph. For example, THE BURGLAR was released in the UK in1958. Which is when I saw it. I was 8. I loved it and have never forgotten it, which also is exactly how I feel about Mansfield. And *all* the Gidget movies and tv.
    Oh dear. Maybe the problem is that I’m too *old*?

    I remember CAT BURGLAR (1961) too, which you should track down. Dir. by reliable William Witney. Wonderful jazz score.
    Ah. I see it’s available streaming on Amazon. off you go, laddie. x

  4. Cat Burglar is hereby added to the ever-growing Watch List.

    My main association for Gidget was Sam peckinpah’s letter to his producer saying “Major Dundee is not Gidget Goes to Mexico.” Now I’ve got my hands on a copy. Good widescreen compositions, anyway. But how did they get a series out of this???

  5. With great difficulty. Ditto the Tammy movie series. (Tammy and the Bachelor?Tammy Tell Me True? Et al)

  6. Remarkable that Wendkos came back for second helpings: I hope he was well reimbursed. Still, I suppose filming girls on a beach has its compensations.

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