On December 1st Shadowplay will be NINE years old. And the Shadowplay resident blogathon, The Late Show, will begin again.

Other blogs and guest writers are invited to contribute pieces about the last or late films of directors, stars, etc. We slightly prefer positive reviews to negative ones, but can occasionally wallow in a mournful trashing of a failed autumnal work. But what excites us most is appreciations of neglected movies that were out of time when they first appeared but now have a nostalgic glow.

I don’t mind about people covering films that have been covered before because they always end up saying different things, illuminating different aspects. If you don’t have a blog, I will host you here, and if you do, just link to this page or to the Shadowplay main page and post a comment here telling me what you’ve done and where to find it.

Hoping my new friends at Classic Movies Hub will join in!

4 Responses to “Later…”

  1. Gill Fraser Lee Says:

    Kicking my own arse into some sort of gear as we speak … will attempt a late Robert Donat

  2. […] dip into more. Jimmy Sangster wrote one! Phil Silvers is in it! Some of these might surface during The Late Show: the Late Movies Blogathon (early December — please […]

  3. […] The Late Show — The Late Movies blogathon — starts on Thursday December 1st and I am woefully unprepared as, probably, are you. But let’s get stuck into it. I do have a light teaching week this time so the opportunity to watch a bunch of swan songs and write about them exists. All submissions to this, the galaxy’s smallest and most valedictory blogathon, will be merrily accepted. […]

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