Shot with his own trumpet


A clue: the trumpet is a woman’s weapon.


Expressive carpet’s eye view.

This is what I’ll do when I’m lazy: post an image or two and invite people to name the film.


4 Responses to “Shot with his own trumpet”

  1. The immortal Humphrey Bogart in Dark Passage. My favourite line in the film is when Bacall takes him home after his escape, he has a shower and is left with a small towel. Something like, “This towel is barely large enough to cover my embarrassment.” Cheeky. And how did they get it past the censors?

  2. I don’t think he says “barely” but the line remains pretty racy. And Bacall was awfully eager to get him to undress, wasn’t she?

    My own favourite line will appear… tomorrow.

  3. Including removing all his hair. According to Bacall’s autobiography By Myself, if memory serves, it was at this time Bogie lost all of his hair including even his eyebrows due to vitamin-deficient alopecia. You do notice the fake eyebrows in some scenes.

  4. True, I thought there was something funny going on. Maybe another reason for minimizing his screentime?

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