I don’t usually do fundraisers (except my own) on Shadowplay, but this one is special.

Funded by Scottish Film Talent Network, who funded my own THE NORTHLEACH HORROR, it’s directed by Gordon Napier who was our location manager and is a really striking and promising filmmaker, and the costumes are by Ali Mitchell who designed our mad scientists, Nazis etc (as well as creating the world’s best clown costumes for CRY FOR BOBO).

If you have the wherewithal, please consider helping.

Indiegogo page. Facebook page.

(More NORTHLEACH news soon!)

3 Responses to “1745”

  1. Are there any plans to exhibit the Northleach Horror @ other film festivals? When can contributors expect the “perks” they purchased in the indiegogo campaign? (Original era was 15/9 & a month has since past)

  2. Hi. Yes, we were delayed due to our producer being otherwise engaged, but will be getting back on track in the next week or so — expect emails! There is another screening planned but I can’t announce it yet — hopefully the next of many!

  3. Glad to hear that it is going elsewhere & can hopefully pick up awards/ recognition! Freddie Fox is certainly raising his profile in both Travesties and in the summer taking over as Romeo, so hopefully that will help generate interest for your film.

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