Around the World


Parting shot: at the end of WEREWOLF OF LONDON, Valerie Hobson, safely widowed, flies off with her boring new beau.

“She never had much luck with men,” observed Fiona, which is true: Colin Clive (twice), Peter Lorre (in his dreams, anyway), Conrad Veidt, John Profumo.

The aeroplane departs screen left and we fade out, and then from almost the same corner of the screen, the plane appears again, as if it’s circled round ~


A mystery is solved! Valerie Hobson is the pilot of the Universal plane, no doubt clad in a darling Katherine Hepburn-style aviatrix costume.

9 Responses to “Around the World”

  1. I love it!

    Hobson’s also bit of a bore in this, isn’t she?

  2. She frequently was — Maybe only Michael Powell could get a bit of animation out of her. She’s pretty great in The Spy in Black.

  3. Yes! I suppose that after a few variations the role of long suffering wife might not inspire.

  4. La Faustin Says:

    She was a perfect foil in KIND HEARTS AND CORONETS — I feel that, like Margaret Dumont, she MUST have been in on the joke.

  5. Zow! Never seen it in colour.

    Hobson works like a charm in KHAC. But what man would ever hesitate between the frosty Edith and the sultry Sibella? Greenwood beats Hobson every time.

  6. chris schneider Says:

    I feel compelled to speak up for Valerie Hobson. She’s really quite good as the mother in THE ROCKING-HORSE WINNER. And I adore her in that early scene of BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN where Colin Clive is brought in on a pallet and Hobson exclaims “Heavens, what is this!” — while a female underling blinks in sympathy. A gorgeous parody, whether deliberate or inadvertent, of “romantic” scene-making.

  7. Oh, she definitely has her moments. And she’s not one of those actresses whom one could always think of a better alternative for: there’s times when what you need is a Val Hobson. Been meaning to watch Rocking-Horse for an age — its director is a Fascinating If Minor Figure. And I have a particular fondness for FIMFs.

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