Optic Nervousness


I’m one of several contributors, with Daniel Riccuito, Jennifer Matsui and Tom Sutpen, to another piece over at The Chiseler — a collaboration where even I can’t tell which parts I wrote. Points to anyone who identifies a Cairns sentence correctly. I may not be the idiosyncratic genius we always thought — or maybe Daniel, Jennifer and Tom are too? Yes, I prefer that explanation.

I won’t say what it’s about — you may have to decide for yourself. But I will say that it’s here.

13 Responses to “Optic Nervousness”

  1. “Squidgy” is a dead give away.

  2. Ah, is that Brit-only? I guess you have “squishy” as a serviceable equivalent, though I feel that variant isn’t as suitable as an erotic endearment for royalty to bandy about in their telephone sex chats.

  3. And that wonk-eyed Siamese sex cat, Karen Black, disturbed us with a revelation.

  4. That Steele graf seems definitively you.

  5. Everything from “As if” on re: Steele. Pure Cairns methinks

  6. No! I think that’s pure, or impure Riccuito. “Columnar” is definitely not mine.

  7. “And that wonk-eyed Siamese sex cat, Karen Black, disturbed us with a revelation.” That’s Matsui and me (mostly Jennifer.) — the other lines are mostly me, some Tom.

  8. Tom came up with the phrase “wraith howling at a paper moon.”

  9. “Stars don’t need scripts or story lines to inhabit a film – their presence alone provides a beacon for the audience to follow a narrative to its successful conclusion. Films that rely on actors and ‘acting’ tend to miss the mark when metaphysics come into play.” -Matsui

  10. OK, don’t give any more clues for now!

  11. ‘Some… scrub bathtubs… to inhabit… a slinky pneumatic tadpole… [a]s if suspecting… a carton of milk… replaces every… cartoonish… “Snowflake”.’

  12. Ha! The bathtubs bit is definitely Matsui. I dragged Snowflake and Willie Fung into it, as you might expect.

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