Monterey Gun

Poster - One-Eyed Jacks_07

I don’t think it’s premature of me to reveal that my Big Brando Project is a video essay for Criterion’s forthcoming Blu-ray of the restored ONE-EYED JACKS. Here’s the announcement on their website. It doesn’t mention me by name, but it does say there will be video essays. Well, I’m doing one of them. Should be finished today, more or less! A fun job.

I’d tell you more but I’m saving it for the video essay. OK, here’s one fun fact that isn’t included: David Lynch’s Twin Peaks features a brothel called One-Eyed Jack’s. It also features the nonagenarian Hank Worden, who was in Brando’s film (briefly), and a character named Emory who works at the whorehouse, seemingly named after Ben Johnson’s sleazy desperado, also in the Brando. Seems either Mark Frost or David Lynch is a fan.

8 Responses to “Monterey Gun”

  1. “Git up you scum-suckin’ pig” is my second-favorite line of dialogue in the history of the cinema.

    Number One of course is “Here come those tired old tits again” from Sunday Bloody Sunday

  2. I’m partial to a bit of “low and common abuse” myself. The film’s fine line in invective gets special mention in my piece.

  3. …very cool news David!!! Btw have you read &/or possibly checked out Paul Seydor’s book The Authentic Death and Contentious Afterlife of Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid: The Untold Story of Peckinpah’s Last Western Film?!?? I always found it fascinating how Peckinpah was involved with ONE-EYED JACKS…

  4. I haven’t come across that one, no. But I have speculated that PG&BTK is Peckinpah’s revenge on being fired by Kubrick and Brando.

  5. …Seydor does a huge & detailed analysis of The Authentic Death of Hendry Jones novel within the book and how it echos and reflects the historical facts we know of Billy the Kid and Garrett and touches on the early pre-production of ONE-EYED JACKS and goes into a lengthy study on the PG&BTK scripts and the the film itself!!! And yeah, elements that Peckinpah had taken from Hendry Jones into ONE-EYED JACKS would show up in PG&BTK…

    …my mind still boggles if somehow Peckinpah & Kubrick would have remained on the film with Brando…

  6. Well, Kubrick was apparently responsible for ejecting Peckinpah: incompatible talents, it seems, though they did both work with James Mason and Slim Pickens.

    You could make a whole book out of the different versions of Kubrick’s departure from One-Eyed Jacks!

  7. — according to one version. Terry Southern seems to have heard something similar. Other tales emphasise Kubrick’s eccentricity, but I don’t think the creative OCD had really kicked in yet, so I’d be more inclined to credit the Kubrick account.

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