The Lady in the Lake


Another image from TAKING SIDES. Filming on location by this lake, Harvey Keitel turned to production designer Ken Adam and gestured at the statue on the water, saying Ken had done a good job here. He meant it as a joke. But in fact, Sir Ken had indeed placed the statue there. Nothing is chance.

Maybe Adam had even discussed this shot with director Istvan Szabo — the angel appears to be blessing the sitting man, who is confessing his political sins to Keitel.

Nothing is chance.

3 Responses to “The Lady in the Lake”

  1. Ken Adam is as central to Cinema as Sergei Eisenstein, Federico Fellini, Jean-Luc Godard and Patrice Chereau.

    He told the 20th Century what it looked like before the century knew itself.

    He told me that when Ronald Reagan took office his first request was to see “The War Room.” He really believed that what Ken Adam had created in Dr. Strangelove actually existed.

  2. Well, Reagan was only a MOVIE president, after all.

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