Go West, Young Batman


Today I shall be assisting Kevin Smith introduce BATMAN: THE MOVIE, which should be interesting.

Mr. Smith has been presenting his new film, YOGA HOSERS, and apparently talking to every single fan who wants a word. A gent.

Tomorrow — Bologna for the Cinema Ritrovato! Chaplin! Keaton! Epstein! Tavernier! Becker! Feyder! Pabst! Whale! Brando! Saslavsky! Cahn! Gance! Penn! Mizoguchi! Too many others. Reports to follow…


9 Responses to “Go West, Young Batman”

  1. Remember your shark repellent! :)

  2. A gent Smith.

  3. It’s surprising the range of permutations Batman has gone through, in comics and film: Grim avenger, stolid Dick Tracy-type sleuth, camp comedian, “relevant” 60s-70s hero, gothic nightmare figure, and gritty action hero. Compare to Superman, stubbornly decent and idealistic (until recently) no matter what era or sensibility was imposed on him.

  4. The juxtaposition of Kevin Smith & YOGA HOSERS with a film with the line, “Some days you can’t get rid of a bomb” seems like it should be a joke.

    I should add that Kevin Smith seems like a decent enough guy, and I enjoy his anecdotes, but his films grow less interesting with each release.

  5. It IS a joke, and it’s a joke he made: “That line is incredibly meaningful to me. After all, I’m the guy who made Jersey Girl.”

    Batman’s flexibility is surprising, but it’s partly been facillitated by the changing times — the TV series fed on nostalgia and I think was also influenced by the ridiculousness of the movie serials, which I must write about when I get back.

  6. Two great things in the first Batman serial:
    — The introductory shot of Batman sitting behind an office desk, chin resting on his hands, while the narrator prattles on about the terror of the underworld or something. Is it possible they didn’t realize how absolutely unfearsome that shot was?
    — The concealed hideout: In an abandoned neighborhood, far from any park or pier, we have a ghost train through war atrocities with a barker on duty at all times. The only customers are suspicious men in fedoras, somberly sitting two to a seat like preteens on the Tunnel of Love.

  7. I showed that opening shot in my talk. Batman sat stock still at a desk in front of what looks like stonework wallpaper, while rubber bats bounce off one another. The Batcave feels more like a decorated garage, a mancave.

    In both serials, Batman and Robin drive around in a regular car, which seems really incongruous, although I guess those costumes are the very definition of that word anyway.

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