The Sunday Intertitle: Powder Puff Girl


Well, let’s see, we watched SHAUN THE SHEEP – THE MOVIE, which was wordless (apart from song lyrics) but had no intertitles. It was very good, though.

I did a little silent viewing for my work on POW!!! — Origin Story, the talk I’m presenting at Edinburgh International Film Festival on Thursday afternoon. It’s the first event after the opening gala, so no pressure or anything. But I’m kind of saving up any observations on those movies for the talk — I can reuse them here afterwards, perhaps.

Otherwise, WINGS was probably the last silent we watched, having been a tad distracted. So here’s the first intertitle I found, diving into THE SOPHOMORE, a 1929 Leo McCarey college comedy.


“He’s the prettiest girl on the football team,” was the slogan for this one, owing to the fact that star Eddie Quillan plays ball but also drags up for the college show. The movie was released as a talkie, but only the silent version is known to survive. This didn’t stop the late F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre reviewing the sound version on the IMDb. I guess we’ll never know if ANY of his reviews of lost films were genuine. This one certainly seems like it could be the product of research and guesswork rather than eyewitness analysis.

4 Responses to “The Sunday Intertitle: Powder Puff Girl”

  1. I like to think exactly ONE of Froggy’s reviews will turn out to be genuine, just so we’ll always wonder about all the other ones.

    Although we won’t wonder too much.

  2. Well, his last one was Metropolis, which I assume he’d seen. And I don’t think he even claimed in it to have seen the newly restored version…

  3. Well, there you go. He brilliantly anticipated my suggestion and now I’m forced to wonder if he actually saw the sound version of The Sophomore at ‘a public screening in the Museum of the Moving Image.’

  4. Ha! He was getting brazen with that one.

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