The Wrong, Wrong Trailer










11 Responses to “The Wrong, Wrong Trailer”

  1. IT WILL LEAVE YOU WANTING MORE! Well, at least I’d enjoy more of these.

  2. We’ll see what we can rustle up!

  3. See it … with someone you love …

  4. kevin mummery Says:

    Finally! The amazing truth about Boris Karloff!

  5. Hmmm… Ray’s Rhedosaurus or Wyndham’s golden-eyed little psychopaths? Where to *begin*? I think it has to be with Sanders & Shelley… then again… how about Jason King, the darling of the Holland Park cottage?

  6. I saw Village of the Damned in a BBC2 season which was really mind-expanding — if you put together The Time Machine, Village of the Damned, The Incredible Shrinking Man and Forbidden Planet and transmit them at a child, you’ll find him/her/it thinking about whole new worlds of ideas. I had to strain to understand the endings of all of them, with help from dad, and this was surely good for my development.

  7. Don’t forget Losey’s (These Are) The Damned

  8. I’ve been meaning to revisit that one ever since Losey Week!

    And I’m one of the few fans of Children of the Damned.

    And maybe I should revisit John Carpenter’s Village remake?

  9. Children of the Damned is a quite superb Cold War allegory. And uses the church setting very ironically; I always thought it a very anti-religion narrative. Losey’s THE DAMNED (no relation at all to Wyndham’s Midwich Cuckoos except in the US advertising campaign) had me utterly captivated in the early 60s when I was too young to get in to see it – I was enthralled by the lobby cards and trailer and immediately bought the novel on which it was based: CHILDREN OF LIGHT by H.L. Lawrence. Which became my summer reading on Porthmeor Beaach in St Ives in 1962, and which supplanted the set texts I was supposed to be reading in preparation for the next school term. I still can’t imagine how dreadful it must have been for my schoolmates, all busily doing homework and swotting and being clever. And not watching scifi movies. And none of them knew *anything* about movies.

    All the films your Dad watched with you, and helped you to understand , are the selfsame ones that gave me the lifelong (eternal?) love of movies that sustains me to this day. FORBIDDEN PLANET is my favourite, most beloved movie *ever*. And it led me to The Tempest, for which I’m inexpressibly grateful… when that play turned up as my GCE set Shakespeare text, I was well ahead of the game.

  10. Set texts are a terrible idea, designed to make life easier for teachers (who admittedly have it hard enough) but discouraging kids from discovering enjoyable reading material. At the very least a wild syllabus that lets the kids choose from a range of worthy texts would be an improvement.

    Ultimately, a kid like you were, reading voraciously and with pleasure and discernment, doesn’t need set texts at all.

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