The Mix


“Life has a cruel way of balancing pleasure with pain. To make up for the joy of seeing Sophia Loren every morning, God punishes the director with the mix.” Sidney Lumet.

I actually like mixing — it took me a while to come to love it, but once I realised how creative it could be, and once it was no longer a fantastically rushed, expensive experience, it became a pleasure to me. But it does leave you with an exploding head after a full day…


3 Responses to “The Mix”

  1. Recalling reading about Leopold Stravinsky, who was very excited to get his hands on an early mixing board after recording the music for “Fantasia.” He quickly discovered he could create balances impossible in live performance.

  2. Wouldn’t that be Stokowski? That is indeed one of the possibilities of studio recording, an art form in itself.

    As mixing has become more technically sophisticated, it’s taken more and more time, so that features which were once mixed in a day now take weeks or maybe months.

    The amount of work our sound people have put in, for very little money, is awe-inspiring and humbling.

  3. Yes it’s Gloria Vanderbilt’s ex-husband.

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