The book


I have contributed a chapter about a certain film to a certain book. Just handed in my copy — a certain relief is felt, as I was guilty about having taken an age to get around to it, and because I have a bunch of other projects to get on with — one for Masters of Cinema, two for Criterion. And another chapter of another book. Plus finishing THE NORTHLEACH HORROR, which we screened to a focus group today. A positive response!

Let’s see who can identify the film I’m writing about from the still above.

6 Responses to “The book”

  1. Turner & Hooch?

  2. Rory Stewart Says:

    I got it but I totally cheated. Thank you Google image search.

  3. “A Boy and his Dog”

  4. Ha! No, and not K9 either.

  5. If I’m correct, your picture is from Sargent York, a film my wife and I both love.

  6. That’s the one! The book is to be about Hawks’ women. My assumption was that this film might not offer much to deal with on this subject, because it sounds like a war film, but combat is disposed of in one sequence, and much of the film is about York’s relations with his mother and sweetheart. It’s in a different mode from the typical Hawks films about sophisticated characters, but it’s very touching.

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