You know the drill





The images are so similar, one might assume influence. And I would imagine Kubrick saw WINGS at some point. And in order to deliver the above POV shot, he has to cheat a bit, since Matthew Modine’s character is actually looking at the floor (he’s just been gut-punched by drill instructor Lee Ermey).

But in fact, despite the striking similarities, I suspect the long, dirty hand of coincidence.

One could extend this series further with an identical shot from THE FRIGHTENERS of a spectral Ermey yelling at us from beyond the grave…


2 Responses to “You know the drill”

  1. See also Jack Webb’s The D.I.

  2. Yes, and Webb goes for a lot of in-your-face compositions too. There’s that fight scene in the Dragnet movie that is mostly people punching the lens for, like, five minutes.

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