Honeyed Gravel


As it must to all men, the urge to write about Judy Holliday came over me.

So I did.

At The Chiseler.

4 Responses to “Honeyed Gravel”

  1. Judith Tuvim, it should never be forgotten, started out with a song and comedy sktech troupe called “The Revuers” whose other members were Betty Comden and Adolph Green and Alvin Hammer — with an occasional drop-in from their pal Lenny Bernstein. She was an essential urban “type” the likes of whom hadn’t been seen since Fanny Brice.

    The scene you mention form Adam’s Rib where she reads the instruction manual while pointing the gun is not only hilarious, its staging is roof of Cukor’s genius. He utterly adored her and used her special goofy/smart qualities to great effect in It Should Happen To You.

    Her old high school classmate, Patricia Highsmith treasured a still from Adam’s Rib — the fantasy sequence where she appears in drag, with a mustache.

  2. Even earlier than her song and dance act was her stint as switchboard operator at the Mercury Theatre, immortalized by her undetectable but rumoured extra work in Too Much Johnson.

  3. Next on my list!

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