Pretty amazing digital restoration job on the kind of film we’re used to hearing through a rainstorm of pensive crackle, the image fuzzed and degraded — here, only the occasional winking sparkle hints at an analog origin. Am I churlish to slightly miss the intimations of mortality, in particular the way the black tones in old Fleischer movies used to GLOW from beyond their outlines, a physics-defying obsidian effulgence?

Still, the films’ hallucinogenic horrorshow qualities appear undimmed. Long Live Bimbo!

5 Responses to “Talkartoon”

  1. I may have the best copy of this film in existence, restored by Keith Sanborn.

  2. Oh wait. This is better. Sorry. And thanks!!!

  3. I have a better copy!!!

  4. Which is it?

  5. It’s a restored Bimbmo retaining the qualities you describe. I can send it.

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